Mar. 11, 2022

Win the lost at any cost

As we look all around us, we see all of the fields are white
They're ripened unto harvest, yet so quickly comes the night!
Christians you must get busy, oh there is so much work to do!
Here's an urgent task awaiting you!

… Souls are crying, men are dying, won't you lead them to the cross!
Go and find them, oh please help, please help to win them!
Win the lost at any cost!

Christ our loving Shepherd, Went out from the fold
Seeking for the stray lamb, That was lost in darkened cold
Tender hands of kindness, Raised Him from the ground
Now the little lost one had been found
Verse 3
Check your fold my Christian, Are the children in
Are there yet some straying, Lost in blackened fields of sin
You must go and reach them, Go without delay
Soon the shades of night, Will end the day

Go out and win, rescue from sin
Days almost done, and the battle's almost won!
Souls are crying, there are men out there dying!
Win the lost at any cost

Check your folds my christian brothers, and see if all of your children are in
Are there yet some strayed, lost, out in blackened fields of sin!
You must go out and reach them, go quickly without delay!
Soon the trump of god will close the game

Leon H Ellis 1929, sung by John Starnes