Jan. 30, 2022

The Chosen

The Chosen
Isaiah 42:1-4
Eternal One: Look here, let Me present My servant; I have taken hold of him. He is My chosen, and I delight in him. I have put My Spirit on him; by this he will bring justice to the nations.
Eternal One: He will not scream or yell,
        crying out for all to hear.3     What is bruised and bent, he will not break;
        he will not blow out a smoldering candle.
    Rather, he will faithfully turn his attention to doing justice.
4     And though he faces obstacles, resistance, and great pressure,
        he will not crack; he will not give up until things are set right.

Isaiah the prophet enumerates the characteristics of the Messiah. The Lord speaking through Isaiah says that He delights in the Chosen. Verse 2: He will not scream or yell crying out for all to hear. What is bruised he will not break. He will not blow out a smoldering candle.

As I have stated before, we as people have been born with a sin nature. It is inherent in us to rebel against God. This was the of Adam's disobedience, when sin coursed through the veins of all humanity. As a result of this, we as people, tend to scream, yell and vent our frustration when things do not go our way. However, as Isaiah noted above, God's Chosen does exactly the opposite. He doesn't crack the whip on those whose faith is faltering rather is more interested in justice. In fact, the only people he cracked the whip on was the religious people who manipulated.

God is full of mercy and grace. Jesus called the religious people, whitewashed graves, among other things. He said that they strain at a knat and swallow a camel. They tithe on mint however they neglect the weightier matters of faith such as mercy. We as followers of Christ, are expected to emulate Him. We are His representatives to those who are not familiar with Him. We are to reflect His personality. We are the fragrance of Christ to a lost world. 

In closing, a quick exhortation to spread the love. There is enough anger and malice in this world. The love of God,  how rich, how pure, how measureless and O how strong. The book of Romans says nothing can separate us from God's love. Remember this, God made you, and He loves you very much. As valentine's day is approaching, reflect on the immeasurable love of God.